Welcome to the Edmonton Ward 12 By-Election!

The by-election to fill the seat of former Ward 12 Councillor Amarjeet Sohi officially kicked off on Monday. The next four weeks will prove to be a hotly contested race as no fewer than 32 candidates will have their names on the ballot. Ward 12 voters will head to the voting booth on Feb. 22, 2016.

Many of the issues that will be raised and discussed during this by-election will have implications for many Edmontonians. The planned Valley Line, which will see a LRT run from Mill Woods to Lewis Farms in the West, will be a widely discussed topic. As will be City Council's Wednesday decision to legalize ride share services like Uber (making Edmonton the first Canadian city to do so). 

To make sure the voice of Edmonton's next generation is heard, we'll be covering the by-election to give you all the information you need to make an informed vote on February 22. So whether you're new to the polls and looking to find out how to vote for the first time, or a neutral observer interested in learning more about the issues at stake, we've got you covered! 

Let us know what issues are important to you in this by-election by filling out our 30-second survey. We'll be reaching out to candidates with the top questions chosen by you. Stay tuned for their responses!

Here's a few facts and resources on the Ward 12 by-election to get you started:

A map of Edmonton Ward 12. (Click for pdf version)

A map of Edmonton Ward 12.
(Click for pdf version)

  • This will be Edmonton's first by-election since 1994. A by-election is held any time there is a vacancy during a term of office. In this case, it's the Ward 12 seat of long-time City Councillor Amarjeet Sohi, who left to become the Liberal MP for Edmonton - Mill Woods after narrowly winning in last year's federal election.
  • You can follow the by-election on Twitter with the hashtag #Ward12
  • Ward 12, which comprises Mill Woods and the southeast Ellerslie area, is one of Edmonton's fastest growing wards with a population of 91,310.
  • To find information on the by-election or to apply for a special ballot, visit the Edmonton Ward 12 By-Election page.
  • Daveberta.ca has listed the websites and social media accounts for all 32 candidates. 
  • The Edmonton Journal features all 32 candidates, their current occupations and their reasons for running.