Homeward Walk Run: Moving to End Youth Homelessness

Edmonton is home to a number of generous and hard-working organizations and groups with a common goal: to end homelessness. Here at NextGen, we want to showcase the dedication of initiatives around Edmonton and supply our readers with information on how they can get involved around the community and help put an end to homelessness. 

Each night, 35,000 Canadians sleep without a roof above their head and every year, over 235,000 experience homeless. Homelessness is an issue found throughout Canada's urban areas and affects us all as Canadians, with $7 billion being spent on emergency services and corrections annually. Thousands of Canadians suffer the harsh reality of homelessness, and it is time we work together to put an end to this seemingly never-ending cycle. Homelessness can and will not be solved over night, but with a little help from everyone and the implementation of preventive measures, we can start to make some real change in our city. 

This June 12th, everyone is invited to join Homeward Trust Edmonton at their fourth annual Homeward Walk Run. Proceeds from the event are distributed among upcoming initiatives that aim to put an end to youth homelessness and improve the well-being of homeless collectives living within Edmonton. 

Homeward Trust has been operating with the ambition to tackle homelessness and support vulnerable populations in the city. In a 2014 study, it was found that youth and children make up approximately 29% of the homeless population in Edmonton (Homeward Trust, 2014). With numbers like these, it is imperative that measures are taken to aid this vulnerable collective and work as a community to lift them out of poverty. 

Events like the Homeward Walk Run aim to do just that. By joining in on June 12th, you will be helping vulnerable youth across the city and making strides toward ending homelessness in Edmonton. 

The Homeward Trust Walk Run will be taking place at Whitemud Park Picnic Place #1  (12505 Keillor Rd NW). Family and friends of all ages are welcome to take part and participants may choose from a 1K children's walk, a 5K walk/run, or a 10K run. Registration fee per participant is $40 and kids run free. Spots are limited to the first 500 entrants so get your team and your sneakers together and get ready to move! 

To learn more about the event and get yourself registered, head over to: