Downtown Bike Grid

Edmonton is constantly growing, and as the city’s core continues to develop, the modes for transportation have also diversified and grown, particularly when it comes to bikes. Whether it's for health reasons or the convenience of skipping traffic, there is a growing bike culture in Edmonton — even in the winter. 

On Sep. 28, the City Edmonton's Urban Planning Committee endorsed a new urban bike grid for the downtown core. The plan was brought forward by Stantec and involves two-way lanes that would cover  7.1 km of roadway within two blocks of most downtown destinations. With a growing population and a new arena making our downtown busier all the time, the plan is a thoughtful investment. The proposed bike grid will help to make cycling downtown more safe and convenient, and it also improves the interaction between bikes, pedestrians and cars. (The bike path will not be on downtown's busiest road, Jasper Avenue, but will still be within two blocks of it). 

"I was happy to support the downtown bike grid proposal at the recent Urban Planning Committee meeting. It's improved design features will ensure safe and convenient travel for people who bike and people who drive, with no requirement for new funding sources.  With that said, I encourage you to share your views on this with your City Councillor."
- Andrew Knack, Edmonton City Councillor, Ward 1

Check out the proposed route below!

With Edmonton's growing downtown population, this could be a great way for people to get around the urban core without having to rely on cars. 

Let us know your thoughts on the project! Do you think more downtown bike lanes are a good idea?