Five Reasons to Attend Leftover Meaet

We’ll be hosting our popular Meaet event on November 1, 2017. (Get your tickets here!). For those not in the know, Meaet invites local entrepreneurs to pitch their idea to the audience. The entrepreneur with the best idea, as voted by the audience, will take home money from the ticket sales to help start their brilliant project.  

Here’s our five reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this special event!

  1. The amazing food! Join us for a delicious, Instagram-worthy, three-course meal catered by the creative and talented chefs at NAIT. This is something you can’t experience anywhere else in the city.

    For this event, we wanted to highlight how a lot of the food we reject in the grocery store—the day-old bread, the not-quite-so-fresh produce—are perfectly fine (and tasty!) for eating. And yet, unfortunately, much of this still-good-to-eat food ends up in our landfill as waste. This is why NAIT is pulling out all the stops to create a unique and tantalizing menu that makes use of these “leftover” ingredients.

  2. Support A Local Project! $10 from each ticket sale will go to the winning idea (which you get to vote on!). All of the pitches are intended to enrich Edmonton in some way, so your support will help to benefit your local community. For example, our last event raised $1700 for  Food4Good, a local agency providing food security services in Edmonton’s West End.

  3. Candy Swap! Bring your leftover candy from Halloween to trade with other guests. It’s going to be a sweet, maybe even a little nutty, time!

  4. It’s a fun date-night idea! Bring yo’ partner/momma/poppa/sister/sister from another mister/brother/brother from another mother for some good times. Did we mention, tickets are only $15 and includes a three-course meal, great conversations, warm fuzzy feelings from knowing you’re supporting a local cause, plus so much more?

  5. The Food! Again, this is a must-attend event for foodies.  The food will be so good and guaranteed to be better than any Wing Wednesday!

So don’t be left out! Buy your ticket here!

Have an idea for a great local project but need funding? Practice your pitch and apply to be a presenter!