Moréniké’s Best Tips on Mentorship for Newcomers!

New to Edmonton? Finding the right mentor could help you get to where you want to go.

Moréniké Ọláòṣebìkan recently came out to speak at NextGen’s Ignite: Your New Life in Yeg event. The event was the first of its kind for NextGen and aimed to give newcomers a place to network, learn more about the city, and hear from some prominent Edmonton newcomers and their tips for finding success in the city. We were so glad to see so many engaged attendees come out and participate.

For those who missed out, our next event will be held on Monday, October 1st from 5-8pm at Roundhouse in Grant MacEwan and the theme will be How to Make Friends, as an Adult. You can RSVP here!

One of the most fascinating things about Moréniké’s talk was the many benefits of having the right mentor at the right time. In many of her endeavours she persistently searched for the perfect mentor who was willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Read on to learn more about Moréniké and how she leverages the power of mentoring to reach her goals!

Who is Moréniké Ọláòṣebìkan?

Moréniké Ọláòṣebìkan was born in Lagos, Nigeria and moved to Edmonton in December 2003. She is a pharmacist, artist, facilitator, retail pharmacy owner, and founder of the Ribbon Rouge Foundation. She currently invests her time in multiple projects to address sexually transmitted and blood borne infections through arts based community organizing work directed at impacting systemic change for health equity.

Moréniké is currently working on OtherWise, a new podcast with fellow Edmonton newcomers and co-hosts Ahmed Knowmadic Ali and Keren Tang. The podcast aims to share stories from communities of colour in Edmonton, highlighting our collective ethno-cultural-linguistic diversity and heritage, reflecting who we are as a City, and bringing about positive social change. With their unique experiences they’ll explore transnational, ethnocultural diasporic linkages, cross-cultural connections, and our relationships with our City and Treaty 6 land. The first episode, about the origin of the project, will be available for download over the summer and can be found wherever you get you podcasts – iTunes, Google, Stitcher. If you are interested in alternative voices and stories, check it out!

Moréniké’s attributes many of her successes to her various mentors throughout the years. With their help, she was able to own a Shopper’s Drug Mart franchise only two and a half years after graduating. As a newcomer with few professional connections, finding the right mentor can make all the difference!

Moréniké’s Best Tips on Mentorship for Newcomers

  • Pick the problem you want to invest your life solving

  • Find champions who have achieved exceptional heights within different aspects of your chosen topic of interests

  • Reach out to these champions who capture your imagination and interest.

I have on many occasions found it striking how much people want to pay it forward.

NextGen is so grateful that Moréniké took the time to come and speak to attendees at our inaugural event. She was informative, inspiring, and stayed around to answer questions and connect with attendees. If you or your organization would like to connect with Moréniké about social movements and community organizing, you can contact her at

Thank you Moréniké!