Mercer Summer Super Party

Over the month of June – officially proclaimed NextGen Month – NextGen has been out on the town celebrating a new wave of volunteer organizations dedicated to shaping our image of Edmonton as a place that young people choose to live, learn and work. With the NextGen kickoff party at Little Brick, the Pride Parade, and Pecha Kucha Night 25 in the books, we capped off the month-long celebration with the biggest party yet: The Mercer Summer Super Party!

For those who have never had a chance to pop by the Mercer Summer Super Party, it’s an all-floor, close-the-street extravaganza featuring special programming, social spaces, art installations, a dance party and more. The Mercer Warehouse is a hub of creative energy and home to many of the city’s most exciting innovators and entrepreneurs. And having an opportunity to share this creative energy and bring together the surrounding community is the whole point of the #SuperParty.

In the past, we’ve seen collaborations with GURU Digital Arts, HWKRS MRKT, On the Spot Pop-Up Trunk Market, Rapid Fire Theatre, Startup Edmonton and many more; but this year the focus seemed to have been placed on showcasing the incredible and diverse arts community that we have in this city. With AGNT and the talented folks from The Northern Sessions, the streets were filled with a sonic soundscape buzzing with energy. The modern-folk harmonies of North of Here provided the perfect background as people began to stream in, followed by Carter and the Capitals who somehow managed pack all their funk exuberance on to the back of the Steamwhistle truck stage. And thanks to AGNT DJs Freshlan, Mikey Wong, DJ Twix and Kurt Hustle’ the beats kept pumpin’.

Visual arts also took to the streets with the MINDIB Art Auction + Art Battle. Attendees were able to browse the walls of the Mercer Warehouse, bid on their favourite work of art from some of the best local underground artists or sprawl out into the hustle and bustle of 104th Street to witness the live art battle as four artists went head to head, placing the power in the hands of the spectators to determine the victor.

And in the middle of the action were your intrepid NextGen volunteers, spreading the word about everything NextGen has to offer. Thanks to the enthusiastic team of volunteers that manned the NextGen table, and those upstairs who looked after the photo booth (because really, is it even a party if there’s no photo booth?!).

The bevies were cold, more churros from Rostizado were consumed than I would like to openly admit, the tunes were infectious, food truck alley kept our bellies full, and best of all, the sense of community was off the charts.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and said hello; we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Edmonton's Poetry Community

Edmonton's Poetry Community

Breath in Poetry (BIP) was created in 2009 and is a group of poetry enthusiasts and performers who volunteer their time to promote spoken word in the city. There are three organizers: Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali, Titilope Sonuga, and Reakash Walters. They facilitate the Rouge Poetry nights on a weekly basis at the Rouge Lounge, a locally owned and operated business. Every Tuesday at 9 P.M. is open mic night. They also hold slam competitions where poets compete against one another. Admission to get into the slam is five dollars but open mic nights are completely free.