Presenting at Pecha Kucha Night

Are you looking for an opportunity to present your ideas to an audience of hundreds of engaged and creative Edmontonians? Then Pecha Kucha is the right venue for you!  More than 250 presentations have been given to date on wide-ranging topics, from professional online gaming to lighting up Edmonton's bridges and everything in between.

The submission form is always open. Have an idea? Send it our way and we'll work to get you on stage at an upcoming PKN!


Submission details:

When submitting your application, you'll be asked to include: your name, email address, position title and organization, phone number, website and/or Twitter handle, a title and abstract for your presentation, as well as a minimum of 6 sample images that match what you want to share. Images must be sized to 1024 x 768 px in landscape orientation. Low resolution results in grainy, lower-quality images when projected on our large screens. 

One of our volunteers will contact you to confirm that we've received your application and advise you on next steps. 

Still have a questions? Send us an email at