What is NextGen?

We're a group of young, passionate, and community-minded individuals who are taking the future into our own hands by creating a city that attracts and gives voice to the 18-40 year old generation by connecting people, places, communities, and ideas.


Upcoming events


Lunch MEAET is a micro-funding event that will showcase local non-profit initiatives and projects that focus on wellness and mental health. Join us on February 23 for lunch and self care activities. During the event you will learn about these local initiatives and get to vote on your favourite! The initiative with the most votes will win the micro-grant!

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Timeraiser is a party for good, connecting local non-profit organizations with volunteers. At the party, volunteers will bid on original artwork with volunteer hours, rather than cash.

The idea is simple:

Bid Time | Do good | Get Art

Timeraiser is coming to Edmonton June 1, 2019!




NextGen City Jam is a one-of-a-kind concert where you volunteer 10 hours for a ticket to the show.  It’s going to be an epic celebration of volunteerism in YEG! You can sign up to attend City Jam starting June 1-November 28.


With MEÆT, we come together to make the funding decisions ourselves, now.  Applying for a grant is intentionally simple to encourage broad participation and rapid impact.


Pecha Kucha Night has been described as a grown-up “show and tell”, with a diverse range of presentation topics, reflecting the unique nature of each presenting city.

Bid Time. Do good. Get Art.


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