Our Projects

We have a number of projects with three goals in mind: to engage, inform and empower the next generation of Edmontonians between the ages of 18 and 40. We create opportunities for next geners to help shape Edmonton and give them a platform for new and emerging ideas. We want everyone to get involved in their communities as a way to move Edmonton towards being a vibrant, healthy and future-focused city. 


Pecha Kucha Night

Pecha Kucha Night has been described as a grown-up “show and tell”, with a diverse range of presentation topics, reflecting the unique nature of each presenting city.




At MEÆT, we come together to make the funding decisions ourselves, now.  Applying for a grant is intentionally simple to encourage broad participation and rapid impact.



NextGen City Jam

Community-building + like-minded people + live music = an epic celebration of volunteerism in YEG!



NextGen Month

NextGen Month takes place in June and unites and celebrates a new wave of volunteer organizations dedicated to making Edmonton a place that young people choose to live, learn, and work.



Timeraiser is made up of 3 core elements: 

The Art: Timeraiser supports the careers of artists by purchasing original art from emerging artist at market value, set by the artist.  We are NOW looking for artists. Artists can apply here  
The Non-Profits: Timeraiser connects local nonprofits from a range of sectors to skilled volunteers.  Nonprofits can apply here
The Party: Timeraiser celebrates creativity and community. Guests will build volunteer hours (not money) on original art!