Introducing the NextGen Vlog Series!

Welcome to volume 1 of the NextGen vlog. In this series, we will be visiting local restaurants and businesses throughout Edmonton and sharing our experience with you through video and written content. We will focus on accessibility, atmosphere and affordability, we will leave the reviews to you and just share what we learn.

We thought we’d give you a little bit of insight into the vlog and us before we get started so we answered a few questions to ourselves first:

Why did we start the vlog?

Originally we just wanted to eat food all over the city - but then we realized that there are more than just restaurants in the city that are local and fun and need to be featured. And video can get across the message fast and show a little bit of our crazy personalities.

What is its purpose?

To feature local businesses either started by or targeting the 18-40 demographic. We want to give you insight in the spaces and instead of reviewing them we want to give highlights and then let you decide if it’s for you.

How did the two of you manage to connect on this?

We randomly came up with the idea at a NextGen dinner and the random banter between was pretty funny. As two very unlikely people…Patrick - Mr. Crossfit, “professional”, education-obsessed, high achiever and Nicole - dog loving, not so fit, connector and hockey mom. We really liked connecting over food and random things that are both funny and amusing to each other.

This month we went to Cartago located at 8204 106 Ave in the Forest Heights neighbourhood.

Cartago calls itself a friendly neighbourhood beer hall and is open Tuesdays - Sunday from 11 am till late. They allow children till 10 pm and have brunch on Sundays with live music. You can catch the bus there two routes that we saw the #1 and #88. There’s a cooler when you walk in displaying the many options for beer and wine and they make fancy cocktails too. We tried a few things on the menu and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Cartago takes reservations if you want to check out their menu you can do so here

We asked the owner of Cartago to answer a few questions for us.


Q: How long have you been in business? (When did you open?) 

A: Cartago has been open since August 10, 2017.  

Q: Where did the name come from?

We are named after a town in Costa Rica.

Q: What is your favourite item on the menu?

A: My favourite thing on our menu is the currywurst.  It's a traditional German street food and our Chef Zakk has made it all his own with his delicious house-made curry ketchup.

Q: What is the target demographic of this restaurant?

A: Anyone.We are kid friendly every day until 10 pm. We're a neighbourhood pub, so we're here for our neighbours first and foremost but I like to think we have something for everyone.

Q: If you could choose a hashtag to describe Cartago, what would it be?

A: #BeerCocktailsCompany

Q: Three characteristics you look for when hiring staff for Cartago?

A: Team player, outgoing and genial

Q: What’s your favourite place to go to in Edmonton or your favourite thing about Edmonton?

A: My favourite thing about Edmonton is the sense of community and my favourite places to go in Edmonton are:

Shopping: Bamboo Ballroom

Coffee: The Columbian

Eats: Grandin Fish and Chips

Drinks: Bar Bricco

Dancing: The Common or The Chrvch of John

Chill Out/Work Out: Ezio Faraone Park

Q: If you could buy any type of food right now what would you buy?

A: I would buy Mango Sticky Rice a dish I fell in love with in Thailand. There's a lady who makes it at the 104st Market.

Q: What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?  

A: Durian Fruit

Q: What is the one thing you have always wanted to do?

A: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail and see a Kentucky Wildcats game at Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY

We encourage you to visit Cartago when you can. We will be back there on June 7th celebrating the kick off of NextGen month!