Q: What is Make Something Edmonton about?

A: Make Something Edmonton proves the truth of the Edmonton brand. By activating Edmontonians to realize the ideas and dreams they have for their city, we are revealing this city at its best. We answer the question, "Why Edmonton?" by giving Edmontonians like you a compelling story you can tell about this place; one we hope you can see yourself in.

Q: Is this a way to find a new brand for the city?

A: Make Something Edmonton is a community building initiative, not a traditional branding exercise. Our goal is to discover and celebrate how people like you are making Edmonton more welcoming, fulfilling, green, epic, neighbourly, profitable... and our job is to inspire you to go out and do more of those things. What you do is helping us to build a story about Edmonton that's authentic and true. We want to create a movement that lasts.

Q: Who's behind this?

A: We have a small staff who run the day to day operations of Make Something Edmonton. But really, it's people like you who make Make Something Edmonton a success.

Q: How are Edmonton Economic Development and the City of Edmonton involved?

A: In 2014, Make Something Edmonton became an initiative of Edmonton Economic Development (EEDC), who respects the grassroots, citizen driven spirit of Make Something Edmonton. Both EEDC and the Make Something Edmonton initiative are funded by the City of Edmonton.

Q: What's the end goal?

A: We want to be a resource for people with ideas so that more great things start here and thrive. But we also want to be the shepherd of the Edmonton story - the city's brand - so that we're eliminating meaningless language and tired clichés. We want to be sure that people know what to say when they're asked, "Why do you live in Edmonton?" or "Why do you want to move to Edmonton?" We've spent a lot of time behind the scenes working with our colleagues at EEDC and at the City of Edmonton to build a brand strategy for Edmonton.

Q: How are you making sure all Edmontonians are involved?

A: In 2013, we had a dedicated team of volunteers who reached out to many individuals, organizations and groups across city. In 2014 we grew that effort to reach even more Edmontonians, but there's more to do. We want everyone to feel welcome to participate, whether that's helping people start something new, or making them aware of things happening here, so that they can get involved.

Q: When will Make Something Edmonton be complete?

A: We're just getting started. We want to continue to support people and their ideas an help them make those ideas a reality. Make Something Edmonton is about uncovering Edmonton's story, and sharing that with everyone who lives here. We'll also work with other organizations to help them tell the Edmonton story to people outside the city.

Q: I don't make things. How can I participate?

A: You probably are making things, because it can be as simple as volunteering, or lending a hand to a neighbour, or something bigger, like starting a new business, organizing an art show or music festival, or transforming a neighbourhood. We want to hear from and celebrate the artist and the entrepreneur, as much as the person who volunteers at their kid's school, coaches a soccer or hockey team, leads fundraising programs at work, or organizes a block party on their street. And if you don't have the time or inclination to start your own thing, support someone else who has a project here, by volunteering, fundraising or asking for more info.

Q: What do you consider a 'project'?

A: A project is anything you can dream up, anything you feel passionate about. It's about you and your family, your friends, your co-workers doing something - anything - to make Edmonton more attractive, more fun, more caring, more profitable, sillier, sassier, smarter. You can make something beautiful, make something honest, make something gritty, make something green, make something ridiculous, make something thrive. Have an idea but don't know where to start? Post your project profile and ask for help, but be sure to be specific on what your needs are and the timeframe you're working under.

Q: How is my profile different from my project?

A: Projects are the major focus on Make Something Edmonton; however, we wanted these projects posted and maintained by real people. A profile should be a person, not a company or a group (see below for hubs if you want to create something for your group). While multiple profiles can be associated with a project, a single profile controls and maintains a project, this being the original profile that added the project.

If profiles do not reflect real people, are abusive or create irrelevant content, or use misleading information, a site administrator will request alterations to the profile or close the abusive profile down.

Q: What's a hub?

A: A hub is a collection of people who work on projects together. Sometimes that means a for-profit company, other times it means a club or a community association. Many people participate in more than one hub. They may have a job, but they also might volunteer or be on a board or committee outside of work. We wanted to use the language of 'hubs' to give people the ability to show how they are connected to projects and who they work with to get those projects done.

You may want to create a hub instead of a profile or project if your project has many people involved, has an indefinite timeline or have multiple smaller projects made by the same group of people. You can invite people with profiles that already exist, or new people that are associated with your group but not a specific project. If a hub gets a complaint for being irrelevant or abusive, it may be removed at the discretion of the site administrator.

Q: I have a small business. Am I able to post a profile on the site describing it?

A: While Make Something Edmonton is interested in showcasing new entrepreneurial ventures, this website is not a vehicle for blatant advertising. We ask that all project owners ensure their profiles have a clear goal to achieve over a particular time frame and encourage profiles of technology startups to showcase innovative new tools and solutions. As well, businesses that are undertaking a specific project to fulfill a need in their community, or to act on an opportunity in the marketplace with a unique approach, product or service should consider posting a profile. However, project profiles deemed overly commercial, with no distinguishing offering, timeframe or goal may be removed under the discretion of the site administrator.

Q: What are the guidelines on what's suitable for the site?

A: We prefer to see projects that have a clear timeline and goal associated with them, plus a defined call to action. For example, we welcome entrepreneurial efforts showing innovation and creativity, and that also have a clear outcome. Projects that are overly commercial or promotional, or that include content deemed racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, or insulting may be removed under the discretion of the site administrator.

Q: Why are some projects 'Featured' and others are not? How do I get my project on that page?

A: The Featured Projects page is controlled by the site administrator and is refreshed regularly to highlight projects that are particularly timely or have an interesting call to action. In choosing projects to appear here, we are also looking for a mix of categories, to show the range of projects currently underway in our city.

Q: What happens when my project is complete? Is it removed from the site?

A: Completed projects will lose visibility over time as newer projects are added, but they will not be removed from the Make Something Edmonton site.

Q: How can I get in touch with Make Something Edmonton?

A: You can send us an email at hello [at] makesomethingedmonton.ca.