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As a hub for connecting people, places community and ideas together it’s important to highlight all the great work that our partners are doing.

These are the organizations that NextGen works with on projects, events and initiatives. If you want to be a NextGen partner, let us know! We’ll help promote your activities and invite you to our partner meetings.

  • Advocacy

    • InterVivos

      Provides a welcoming, respectful forum for next geners to openly discuss issues that affect our community, province and country’s current and future social, political and economic well-being.

  • Arts/Culture

    • ArtsScene

      Edmonton's Business for the Arts chapter which is dedicated to fostering and promoting business leadership in the arts, facilitating funding relationships and connecting business volunteers to the arts.

    • Over the Top Swap

      Providing a sustainable and exciting means for people to update their wardrobes.

  • Business

    • Emerging Business Leaders

      Business minded people looking for an intimate and interactive atmosphere that hosts high quality speaker and guests.

    • Junior Chamber International

      Empowers young leaders to create positive change by contributing to the advancement of the global community through leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities.

    • Rotary Urban Spirits

      Members and supporters work hard all year long to raise funds to support worthwhile projects.

  • Community

    • Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues

      The EFCL advises, supports and coordinates services and activities for 154 Edmonton community leagues.

    • Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners

      Bring together the geek community –women and men alike. These events destroy the “geek girl” stereotypes and encourage women ashamed of their geekinessy have fun with a like-minded community.

    • Global Youth Assembly

      Bi-annual international youth conference that unites hundreds of diverse youth from across the country and around the world to protect human rights.

    • The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

      A community agency that seeks to assist immigrants and refugees coming to Edmonton. By creating and developing experiences and skills to strengthen and enrich the lives of all Canadians.

  • Design

    • Advertising Club of Edmonton (ACE)

      Fosters environment of fellowship and learning for those who live and breathe advertising through networking, assisting Edmonton’s advertising community to strive for excellence.

    • M.A.D.E

      Media, Art, Design, Exposed in Edmonton is a young, volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization that is actively working to bring out the best in Edmonton’s design community.

  • Education

    • Guru Digital Arts College

      Delivering unparalleled digital media education to creative, technologically inclined individuals through a holistic approach to learning.

    • NAIT SU

      Provides value to its students through exceptional services and representation while fostering a sense of NAIT pride.

    • The Students’ Association of Grant MacEwan University

      Representing the Grant MacEwan university student body and they serve to enrich the MacEwan student experience and provide an environment of excellence for opportunities, services and advocacy.

    • University of Alberta Student’s Union

      Serves and represents the 30 000 undergraduate students at the University of Alberta to support their pursuit of knowledge and enhance their university experience.

  • Media

    • League of Extraordinary Media

      An alliance of Edmonton new media producers working together to raise the profile of the city’s flourishing online community.

  • Music

    • SOS Festival

      Contribute to the vibrancy and positive social space of Old Strathcona through the promotion of Edmonton’s live music industry.

  • Public Service

    • City of Edmonton Youth Council

      A group of youth leaders who advise City Council and City administration/staff on issues, projects and developments that affect youth in Edmonton.

    • Institute of Public Administration of Canada - New Public Servants

      New public servants who are committed to creating excellence in public administration through the creation of knowledge networks and learning opportunities.

  • Tech

    • Startup Edmonton

      Startup Edmonton is an entrepreneur-led organization working to grow Edmonton’s startup community by connecting entrepreneurs, developers, creatives and investors.