Taproot Edmonton is on a quest to find out what Edmontonians want candidates to be talking about as they campaign for votes in the next municipal election, which will be held Oct. 18, 2021. 

What key issue do you want the candidates to talk about as they compete for votes in the 2021 municipal election, and why?

Edmonton's NextGen was originally created to empower and engage the next generation of Edmonton leaders and ensure that their opinions and priorities are captured and understood by City Council. This is the perfect opportunity to share what is important to you and help shape your City.

We invite you to submit your response here!

The preliminary version of the People's Agenda, published in December 2020, revealed a desire to know where candidates for mayor and city council stand on climate change, homelessness, and the police budget; what they intend to do to improve transportation, infrastructure, and quality of life; and how they will steward the city's budget with integrity.

Once Taproot gathers more answers, they will assign and publish stories that dive deeper into the issues, to provide a further explanation of city council’s power to address them or make decisions pertaining to them. Join Taproot Edmonton to stay up-to-date on those stories and everything else happening in Edmonton.

Taproot will also ask the candidates where they stand on those issues. Between their answers and what is gleaned from other election coverage, Taproot will produce a voters’ guide outlining what the candidates say they’ll do about the issues you say matter. When the election is over, Taproot will also have a record of what the mayor and councillors said they’d do, which provides an opportunity to hold them to account over the course of their terms.

Here’s one more way to make your voice heard. Every Thursday at noon from March 11 to April 29, Taproot be hosting online discussions to dive deeper into the People’s Agenda. These sessions are free!