National Volunteer Week (April 19-25) celebrates all the efforts, time and dedication that volunteers give to helping make their communities better. During National Volunteer Week, we want to give a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who are supporting their communities, neighbours, and local organizations during these difficult times of COVID19.

In celebration of National Volunteer Week 2020, Tamara Brunelle, Volunteer Coordinator of the Master Composter Recycler Program at the City of Edmonton and Vanessa Ostapchuk, Volunteer Coordinator at the Reuse Centre shared this wonderful article about some of the volunteer programs at the City of Edmonton.

Volunteerism runs deep in Edmonton. It’s part of the city’s spirit; hard working and community-minded.

Volunteers play a tremendous role, working in communities and with fellow Edmontonians, in keeping the spirit of our city alive and thriving.

"When we look at Edmonton's History, it is filled with stories of passionate volunteers that made our city and continue to build it today,” said Laura, Core Programs Manager at Fort Edmonton Park. “We are so proud to have a team of incredibly talented volunteers bringing these stories to life."

The City of Edmonton is fortunate to have a number of programs and initiatives that have grown and succeeded thanks to the help of volunteers who selflessly give back to their city and communities.

In 2019, 8,250 volunteers contributed nearly 125,000 hours for City of Edmonton programs and events. From helping to plant trees, picking up litter around the city, working special events and festivals, educating citizens on waste reduction, sitting on civic boards or committees, facilitating City programming and much more!

If you didn’t know, April 19-25 is National Volunteer Week. An excellent opportunity, in the middle of everything that’s happening, to applaud and thank each and every volunteer. We invite you to celebrate the spirit of volunteerism in Edmonton; thank someone you know who volunteers, or find an opportunity for yourself to volunteer and help others.

From all City volunteer coordinators and staff, to all those who volunteer in Edmonton: Thank you for your selfless contributions to our vibrant community! 

Read more messages of gratitude from City volunteer coordinators below...

“The Reuse Centre offers a variety of meaningful volunteer experiences. Reuse Centre volunteers are incredibly important to our day-to-day operations and overall success! Our diverse team of volunteers and the work that they do creates a greener and more inclusive community.”

  • Vanessa O., Volunteer Coordinator, Reuse Centre

"The Root for Trees program is so amazing because it's a volunteer program that anyone, at any age, can participate in. Citizens learn about the benefits of native trees & shrubs while gaining a greater appreciation for our natural environment. Planting trees, enhancing Edmonton's urban forest, contributing to their community and the environment! What a great combination!"

  • Catherine F., Community Greening Coordinator, Root for Trees Program

“Volunteering at Edmonton Public Libraries (EPL) is a life-enriching, rewarding experience, because supporting EPL supports the community we all share. Our network spans across Edmonton, so we need and appreciate help with all kinds of tasks. We need volunteers for everything from the simple and technical, to the public and behind the scenes.”

  • Suzuanne B., Volunteer Program Coordinator, Edmonton Public Libraries

“The Community Volunteer Weed Pull program offers a family friendly, hands on volunteer experience in Edmonton's natural areas. Volunteers will learn about why invasive species is the second biggest threat to biodiversity, and will become an expert in identifying and controlling the specific weed that they will hand pull or dig at the event.”   

  • Qiting C., Integrated Pest Management Coordinator

"The Leaders in Training (LIT) program is a great stepping stone for youth ages 13-17 to learn leadership skills, in a fun setting, all summer long! Learn skills about having a job, and implementing programs for children & youth. Once a LIT has taken part in the program it can really open doors for other volunteering opportunities at the City of Edmonton. Many LITs join our staff teams once they've finished high school."

  • Jane E., Volunteer Services Coordinator, Outdoor Recreation Experiences

“Master Composter Recyclers are community advocates for waste reduction. They help their family, friends and neighbours do better by their waste by encouraging waste reducing actions like home composting, recycling right, reducing and reusing.”

  • Tamara B., Volunteer Coordinator, Master Composter Recycler

“Capital City Clean Up offers opportunities for volunteers to participate in organized clean up events in various communities. Our volunteers are an essential part of keeping the City of Edmonton clean and safe.”

  • Lise B., Volunteer Programs Advisor, Capital City Clean Up

“Edmonton’s NextGen is powered by volunteers between the ages of 18-40. NextGen creates leadership opportunities for Edmontonians and gives volunteers a platform to share their ideas focused on helping our community by connecting people, places and ideas. NextGen involves a group of dedicated volunteers, from various backgrounds, educations and careers, that care deeply about building our community.”

  • Christine C., Coordinator, Edmonton’s NextGen