Learn everything you need to know before and after baby arrives! Unlike other top baby lists about hospital bags and newborn gear, these sessions dig in to the nitty gritty of the less pretty but just as important pieces of adding a little one to the family. Industry experts in financial planning, accounting and human resources will present and answer all your questions about RESP's, tax breaks, federal child benefits, maternity and parental leave, your rights in and returning to work and more. 

Both events will be online!

October 14: Planning for Baby 

This session is geared towards expecting parents (but anyone can join!), it will focus on the ins and outs of parental leave [combining, 18 v 12 months, work top ups, how to apply] as well as how to budget for your time away from the workplace and plan your financial picture [costs plus benefits from the government that you should plan for]. Everybody says babies are expensive but just how expensive?

October 20: Baby's Here...Now What? 

For parents of any young kiddos, and of course those planning to have them, this session will focus on return to work rights and opportunities, how to invest for your child's future, how to claim any extra income, what you should qualify for in federal benefits and one that's very top of mind - childcare costs and options.